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Management in Non-Governmental Organizations: Basic Issues and Current Trends

Presently, it has become vital for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to work more organized and productively without losing their volunteering spirit. Even though the number of NGOs is intensifying, the lack of good management practices and knowledge in this field draws attention. Thus, good management and capacity development in NGOs necessitate knowledge production in this field and practical studies. According to the activity area and size of the NGOs, NGOs have to contribute to strategic management, corporate structure and functioning, management and audit systems, sustainable financial resources, qualified professional and volunteer employment, as well as appropriate working environments. The "institutional capacity" of NGOs by adopting good management practices and "enhancement of the competencies of volunteer and professional employees" in these organizations are among the issues that need to be addressed first. While this book deals with NGOs of different sizes, it primarily focuses on growing NGOs. In this context, the content and examples are aimed at developing NGOs.

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